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‘The Joe Alter Dance Group is dedicated to the exploration, understanding and expression of the human condition'

Director/Choreographer Joe Alter has created over 30 works, ranging from miniatures to evening length works for his company as well as numerous commissions throughout the U.S., Mexico, and Europe.
His movement is informed by his research in neuroscience, cognitive science, contemplative practices as well as a deep understanding of somatic practices. It uniquely synthesizes states of being with movement, sound and images to create a visceral, deeply human form of communication and a unique theatrical voice.
Mr. Alter’s recent works include the critically acclaimed “The World is Full of Obstacles: none of them real” at the 15 annual Dance Theater festival in Lublin, Poland and in February premiered “The End is the Beginning” a work commissioned by Tijuana, Mexico’s “Lux Boreal”.  Additionally Mr. Alter has been commissioned to create a work for San Diego Dance Theater’s “Trolley Dances” in the fall of 2012.