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Exploring ideas, structures and movement potentials.

Investigative commitment, active listening in creation and performance, intuition, inquiry.

Collaboration, process and engagement.
Asking questions and exploring ideas without knowing or predetermining the answers or outcomes.

Designing open systems both structurally and per-formatively that allow for individual experience, personal interpretation and the creation  of meaning.

Risk Taking, Generosity, Curiosity, Commitment to the moment, Trust in the work and oneself.  

Interdisciplinary work, movement as a form of thought, movement as a cognitive process, a way of understanding and creating and understanding visceral meaning. 

Not interested:

The convention of habit. Sloth (physical or intellectual)
Unexamined constructs.
Underestimating the audience.
Cleverness for its own sake.

The World is Full of Obstacles: none of them real